Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.
Scouring machine. Washing machine

Fit for customer’s specification with high-quality unit

We have many kinds of combination, therefore we can design customer’s specification in accordance with tension of the fabric.

Washing efficiency improvement
Counter-flow system, it drains in the opposite direction against fabric-flow and squeezing for wiping off, washing after dilute dirt by dehydration device etc, it can improve the washing efficiency with the most suitable way for the fabric.
We also provide a control device with conductivity meter which manage as the concentration of the chemicals becomes constant by electrical conductivity.

Suggestion of unit for customer’s request
At the time of fabric introduction, it’s important whether the length of range which match to amount of glue adhering on the fabric can be installed in your factory or not.
If you don’t have enough space, taking advantage of the height, we suggest a combination of the most suitable unit from the weight of the glue and fabric.
In addition, the washing test is also available with your fabrics.

Washing vary depending on the material and woven technology.
Scouring and Washing Machines are machinery which wash out the glue and dirt on fabric and improve the penetration and dyeing color.
When the glue and dirt remain, it cause the uneven and wrinkle, therefore it has done before the reduction, dyeing, and printing for almost materials.
n case of cotton as a natural material, since the glue and dirt present in the yarn, it needs many chemicals for washing and the process becomes longer.
On the other hand, the synthetic fibers such as polyester, the dirt only sticks on the surface, therefore the process range become shorter.
Knitting fabrics falls dirt with hot water stabilizes the density by Drum Relaxer to stabilize the form.
In addition, the amount of the glue will be changed by woven technology.
In countries where is high-technology of woven, the washing time will be shorter due to the used glue is a little.

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