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Coating Machine

Coating Machine with added value to the materials

Coating processed to the value added materials, affixing function to the fabric, such as water-repellent finish to the umbrella and skiwear, sealing to the air bag.There are 6 kinds of choices for coating method. We suggest a best coating machine for the fabric and the coating resin.

the nature of the solvent Coating Method Coating weight
High viscosity resin
Knife coaterknife The cutting edge of doctor is acute angle, Squeezing resin methods are floating method and on knife method. 10-30g/m2
Pipe coaterpipe The cutting edge of doctor is obtuse, It affix the resin equivalent to the clearance. 50g-100g/m2
Gravure coatergravure Controlling the volume of resin by Gravure roll, it affix the resin pressing like a print pattern. by Gravure cup
Roll coaterrool The method how to pour and penetrate the resin to the clearance (thickness) between the roll and roll by the pressure. Which is using for the base coat, such as non-woven fabric.
Low-viscosity resin Kiss coater
The method how to stick as rubbing the resin, which used for the one side finishing like a water-repellant etc.
Dipping coater Dipping fabric into the resin bath, is the method how to dry its agent so as to put a coating on the surface of the yarn (fabric). It used for antistatic agent, softening agent etc.

Safety measure to access the nature of solvent.
To pay attention for the coating machine is safety standard.
It’s very important for us to take the safety measure due to the catching fire about the temp.80℃ of solvent for coating.For example, in case of generating anti-static between rubber rolls, we have doing counter-measure of the tape and bar excepting the static electricity.

The best coating Method according to the resin coating.
In case of coating for high viscosity resin, it’s finishing calculating the coating weight of resin depend on the weight(g/m2) per unit are each fabric.Mainly as a base coat with a knife coater, as a top coat in the pipe coater, often finish by two of the coating, gravure coater is mainly the final adjustment of the coating weight or it will be used as the application of adhesive at the time of the laminating.Roll coater, applications is not generally have been limited for use, will be used in the base coat, such as non-woven fabric.

Suggestions in total as a coating line
The coating work will be on one line in the figure below of the process.
M100196w900  レイアウト1
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We are able to suggest the whole coating line at our products, such as combining the machine overseas dryer manufacturer to the drying process, we will recommend an excellent line of the necessary mechanical system and cost performance.

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