Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.

  • Design, manufacture and sales of dyeing and finishing machinery.
  • Production and sales of various types of industrial machinery and automated machinery.
  • Manufacture and sales of first and second class pressure vessel containing the chemical reaction kettle.
  • Sales and processing of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal material.
  • In the design and manufacture of automatic transportation device for dyeing and finishing machinery and sheet metal processing machines, we’ve acquired the certification of IOS9001.
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    a device for processing, such as removal the glue on silk, dyeing the color, grant an antistatic agent or softener. We offer an integrated system, including the control in the whole process of dyeing and finishing. Dyeing and finishing machinery products
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    Our dyeing and finishing machinery has been selected in the dyeing factories around the world included in Asia.(China, Thailand, Indonesia)
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    Taking advantage of Japan’s own superior technology and high quality, besides we will supply good things cheaper in collaboration with other manufactures. Each manufacturer has a good at field, although there is little companies that can put together consistently the whole process. We combine the device around the world and can provide the best one for our customers.
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    We signed an OEM agreement with AMADA AUTOMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD which is a comprehensive manufacturer of metal processing machinery and we manufacture Cycle Loader(carrier device).