Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.

Hanayamaen The support of the society in the 21st century is the machine, which is intelligent.The value added required in the future of the machine is ”intellectual added value” which made full use of electronics. Advanced technology of Hanayama from mechanism to electronics have proved in cultivated reliable technology and Know-how in the production of Dying and Finishing machine.Hanayama’s industrial machinery which is pursuit the intellectual value added, high-speed, high-precision and new features, it has contributed significantly to the improvement and labor saving productivity in the industrial field across wide range such as Textile・Apparel・Film・Chemical・Electric・Glasses・Distribution etc. As mechatronics companies that lead the next generation, Hanayama furthermore research and development, technology integrated while committed to technology integration and strive to develop products of higher dimension.

For establishment of quality assurance system and the purpose of further corporate growth that from『skills of the individual』 to『skills of the population』, the ISO9001 was certified.

Company Name

Number of Employee
29-2-7, MIONO-CHO, FUKUI-CITY, FUKUI 918-8188
Office·Sales  TEL 0776-35-2213 FAX 0776-35-2205
Design·Technology  TEL 0776-33-5670 FAX 0776-33-5671
Managing Director Masaru Hanayama
1933 April 1
1957 April 30
80 million yen
Production and sales of industrial machinery
1. Design, manufacture and sale of dyeing finishing machinery
2. Production and sales of various types of industrial machinery and automated machinery
3. Sales and processing of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal material
4. Manufacture and sales of first and second-class pressure vessel containing the chemical reaction kettle

1933 April
1957 April
1961 June
1996 April
2000 January

2002 May

2005 Dec.

2006 June
2007 July
Keya-town at Fukui-city founded as a welding industry
Reorganized to Company Ltd.
New plant inaugurated in Fukui, Itagaki 1-chome, relocation
It established the NPC factory in theme park in Fukui
Certification of international standards of ISO9001 quality management
Office (sales, design and general affairs) Transfer of Functions to Techno Park Fukui from Itagaki 1-chome
Headquarters Techno Park moved to Fukui, integrate the two plants to NPC factory
The first phase of the plant expansion project completion
The second phase of the plant expansion project completion