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Continuous Weight Reduction Machine

Weight Reduction to achieve high productivity

There are 2 types of weight reduction, continuous type and batch type. We’ve adopted continuous type due to considering of drainage amount and production volume.
It’s important to select the device, due to the reduction ratio is different from thread thickness, organization of woven and finishing purpose.
We achieve your improvement on the production by suggesting the best weight reduction.

Weight Reduction spread the use of polyester fabrics
Weight reduction process of fabric is a processing method of soften drape by melted fiber surface(by weight reduction) with hydrolysis reaction of polyester and strong alkali solution(caustic soda).
We applied to polyester the treatment of a silk distinctive good texture by melted the sericin of surface with silk and making gap in between fibers.
The touchness of polyester is much better by weight reduction and expand for use.

We suggest the best device for your processing demands.
We suggest a continuous device which uses the full-grown process as conveyer etc for the weight reduction to 1-15%
and a continuous device which is under constant tension by roll to roll method for the high weight reduction to 15-30%(especially over 20%).
It determines the length of the steamer by the processing speed and reaction time required.
The length of the washing process with the rate of reaction also change, therefore we produce in the best specification with fully hearing of our customers’ request.

It’s stable even at the high-speed operation. Tension control of HANAYAMA Weight Reduction.
Weight Reduction Machine of Roll to Roll, it’s with only low tension possible by our tension control system and we’ve achieved the stable processing running even at 70-80m/min of high-speed operation.
Also, introduced a dehydrator to washing process, now it can be a short period of washing time.
By its high productivity, there are more than 30sets of delivery records at Shaoxing district in China.
To promote uniformity of weight reduction ahead of the reaction rate in the conveyer system, we adopted a non touch dryer of far-infrared system and it’s been achieved to improve the uniform of weight reduction and production rate.

More high-performance. Technology for weight reduction processing without uneven.
Weight Reduction Machine, it’s important to maintain a constant humidity.
Conventionally, it had been controlled by the temperature management, but it was to keep the humidity stable to supply steam in order to finish in the higher quality,
Hanayama Weight Reduction Machine is equipped with technology to manage the temperature and the exhaust with holding the airtightness and supplied the appropriate amount of steam.

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