Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.
Cutting Machine

Suggest a best cutting machine from the feature and final product quality of the fabric.

There are Cerasonic-cut and Heat-cut in cutting methods of fabric.It’s necessary or unnecessary to weld, strong or weak welding degree, should be selected the optimal blade requested by customer.In addition, It needs to select the speed of production in cutting ability according to the production volume.We’ll pile up an enough meeting with a customer based on the last product quality, the nature of the fabric, the material and the density, and offer you the best one.
Cerasonic Wave Cutting Machine

Cerasonic wave cutting machine-possible to continuous operation when stop working and restarting the work.
Cutting special purpose machine for the thermoplastic materials.

Cerasonic wave cutting Machine is the specialized machine for the thermoplastic materials(Synthetic fiber・Natural fiber・Nonwoven fabric) that combined the feature of ceramic and newly developed ultrasonic fusing.Thermoplastic material, if it fabric quality・ thickness ・ shape, even if grey fabric・ products, will be done cutting and removal of the selvage of fabric by the vibration of ultrasonic.Compared with the heat cut machine, the finishing is beautiful because without “melt ball”, “yellowing”, “burnt”.Because the cross-section of fabric is smooth and good touch, there is no waste of the post-process.
cerasoni0101  cerasonic0202
Even if there is no special skills, it can cut like a expert.
While outright beating the fabric by the ultrasonic ceramic horn was special development, it dissolved a cross-section by the addition of heat, do not fray the selvage of the fabric.Optimal frequency to fabric cut (28KHz) and frequency automatic tracking device, equipped with a constant amplitude control device, handling is very simple without cutting mistakes.Cutting edge is different from the blade, anyone can be proceed to work with confidence.In addition, it is possible to re-start due to there is no need to lift the cut be stopped machine during production, the fabric of the cross-section width of fabric cut in the smooth you can work continuously and stably.
before cutoff
after cutoff

To the cutting machine standard
It will be used to cut for the national costume, such as primarily abaya and thobe due to the fact that the cut surface is very smooth.At Filament textile processing plants, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, there are 70 units of the delivery records until 2014 from 1994 and our cut machine is using as standard for fabrics cut in the Middle East.

The features of Cerasonic wave cutting machine
  • It use a ceramic blade with abrasion resistance and chemical resistance and ceramic horn of special development joined special alloy less heat generation.
  • While outright beating fabric by ultrasonic vibration, the processing to prevent fraying by dissolving the cross-section by applying heat.
  • Cutting special purpose machine for the thermoplastic materials. (Synthetic fiber,Natural fiber,Nonwoven fabric)
  • It is possible to change the width of the cut point.
  • While increasing the horn can be increased the cut point, it can be cut to the required size.
  • Speed up the working efficiency 1.5-2.0times compare with the conventional machine (Comparison with our conventional machine)
  • It can be cost down by increasing production efficiency due to speed up.
  • It performs a sound deadening measures, muffling the noise in cut machine specific operation by the ultrasonic vibration.
  • There is no risk of electric shock and fire caused by a spark in the power-saving.
  • Radio interference on the worker is almost nothing. (Need to apply with radio wave management stations)
  • Running costs of Jig are significantly down.

Realized the saving energy by integrating the heater and blade
Heat cutting machine with excellent welding

Heat cutting machine is a device which used for selvage cutting, width cutting by heating for semi-synthetic fiber (Acetate, Silk, Triacetate etc.)
Using special steel as blade, cut surface is welding enough , and no waste in subsequent step.Raising the efficiency by integrating the heater and the blade, it become to be able to work safety even low voltage (Voltage 12V)
It will be contributed to the cost reduction.In addition, it’s possible to work safety in production volume and speed of welding strength due to the type of saving energy and the construction of blade is relatively simple.
heat01  heat02
The features of Heat cutting machine
  • While cutting the fabric by electric heating, It’s processing so as not to fray.
  • To reduce costs in the energy-saving type.
  • Strong welding degree using blade with a special steel.
  • Solving the preservation method of the blade fitted with a cut holder.
  • Enabling stable production volume.
Cut surface

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