Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.
Inspecting Machine

Inspecting Machine to match customer’s required quality and the budget.

Inspecting Machine using for inspection of Grey fabric in pre-dyeing process and using for final check before delivery is the machine which inspected for color uneven shade, wound, the wrinkles.
By your inspection items and fabric feature, lay-out of unwinding and winding etc., control method and specification of the inspection board will be suggested(Length, width, number of Light)

Corresponding to your request in sufficient hearing
Inspection of color uneven shade and wound of cloth is checked by reflecting directed from above, but the presence or absence of wrinkles make sure let vitrification against the light from the back.
Specification of such a test board by inspection item(against the way of light), the amount to be processed, the required number, fabric variety (knitting or fabric), such as method of exit(Winding and Plate down) etc. corresponding to your request in sufficient hearing together with our customers to calculate the average speed and to meet the production capacity.

Customize to suit the installation environment and the budget
Not only fixed product, will be also customized flexible based on the hearing from our customers.For example, in case of a factory there is a possibility that the piece of iron enters the iron piece detector, in case of the fabric is thick material, will be able to customize to wind by shifting the edge during the wind-up so that the thickness is aligned.In addition, Asian manufacturer(Taiwan) to prepare a manufacture in cooperation with the body in Taiwan.You can select the one that matched the quality and the budget that is being sought.Control panel is manufactured in Japan, it supports the safety standards and safety criteria vary from country to country.

Control technology that do not generate loosening of the fabric
Placement of the roll, angle, such as the arrangement of the speed and the guide rollers, as well as electrical control, emphasizing the balance of the layout, was stabilized the tension up to the winding from unwinding depend on the characteristics of the test fabric.In case of the loosen fabric is wound, it makes some wrinkles, but our inspecting machine maintains the quality prevents from loosening fabric if it repeats the running and stop so as not to be out a time rag of start-stop.

Automatic inspecting machine for the inspection of industrial materials
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As the industrial materials required performance, we will propose the automatic inspecting machine.Automatically check the entire fabric with a camera, to confirm the presence or absence of a wound in the data.Without missing even hard to find defect visually, it can be processed at a faster speed.By displaying the performance of the product by a numerical value, it leads to the quality of the product warranty.

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