Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.

High productivity and improve the work efficiency

Our Scutcher is equipped with a photoelectric twist detection straightening machine and it’s excellent in detection performance of twist direction.
It’s been achieved the shortening of processing time.
As a result, working efficiency is improved and your productivity will be increased.
Taffeta is usually 50~60m/min is remitted, but it’s possible for processing of 80m/min.
At the time of introduction of Scutcher, we suggest a required number from your production volume/day.

scutghe01   scutcher02
Fast and Beautiful. High open-width efficiency.
Scutcher is a machine for twist correction and open width after the jet dyeing.
You can also combine the rope-form dewatering device to dehydration.
It will be detected correction automatically the twisted fabric in rope-form during dyeing.
It will be solved by rotating in the direction of the twist of fabric
and it will be continued to open width by the height of machine.
Our Scutcher is 6.7~8m heights, it’s higher than any other company’s one and it can open width fast and beautiful.
In the middle way, it will be ensured by the centering device through the beater and open-width roll.

Tension management to change by fabric’s expansion and contraction.
In addition, it will be changed how to stretch depend on the elasticity of fabric.
For example, in the case of knit, you put the motor in top roll.
And it makes the mechanical structure of fabric which is not stretched by the top and bottom of the motor is driven to control the tension.
In addition, since the machine with a height and the tension is taken from the weight of fabric, therefore we suggest you to pre-check the weight of fabric.

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