Design, production and sales of the dyeing finishing machinery for textile.

To the assembly of OEM contract products (AMADA AUTOMATION SYSTEMS CO.,LTD) and dyeing and finishing machinery.(up to 12 units shipped/month)
To pursue the rotation efficiency and we devote every day for reliable assembly, inspection by thinking to deliver the products to customers for priority.
  • 1 2.5 tons Crane 4sets
  • 2 Lathe 4sets
  • 3 Planer Machine 1set
  • 4 Key-seater 1set
  • 5 3kw Laser Processing Machine

This is the welding processing plant, it became the basis of our founding. At the welder of the current seven, we have achieved a “reliable welding of beautiful and strength”
  • 1 Surface Plate 3sets
  • 2 Semi-automatic Welding Machine 8sets
  • 3 Argon Welding Machine 8sets
  • 4 Automatic Drilling Machine 1set
  • 5 Sawing Machine 1set
  • 6 Drilling Machine 7sets
  • 7 Paint Booth 2sets

From the assembly plant in 2015, it began working as a cutting and bending specialized factory.
Introduced a state of the art laser, Turret punch press multifunction device(2 cycle loader, Take out specification) and in addition to cutting to achieve speed and precision-made,
It owns three Bender which date directly introduced from CAM, automatic hydraulic pressure and can be sized.
By this combination, falling in much the load and its degree of difficulty in the welding process, we have achieved a better sheet metal precision.
  • 1 Laser・Turret Punch Press Multifunction Device 1 set
  • 2 Bender 3 sets

amada01 amada02

In our factory, not only production, also test processing equipment for dyeing and finishing owns, we have decided the equipment specifications and the actual test if your request. (Please feel free to contact us)
siken multitest
  • Owned Facilities
  • 1 High Pressure Steamer
  • 2 Auto Screen
  • 3 2ton Mangle
  • 4 Small Heat-set Machine
  • 5 Ultrasonic Washing Machine
  • 6 Multi-coating, Laminating Machine

  • Testable Processing
  • 1 Coating (Knife on Air, Knife on Bed, Pipe coating, Gravure coating)
  • 2 Laminating (one-component, two-component method)
  • 3 Resin finish(Pad – dry)
  • 4 Weight Reduction
  • 5 Washing Test
  • 6 Artificial Leather Impregnation Test (Slit Mangle held)